We cover (almost) all aspects of the ever-changing music industry.


At our main office in Nishihara-mura, Japan, we offer music lessons. So, even if you have never picked up an instrument HUITS can still help you.



For those who already know how to play a song or two and would like to practice their skills, we have a practice studio. You can either rent this rehearsal space with or without instruments and we even offer the option of renting the rehearsal studio with a sound engineer who could do your sound and record your rehearsal while you focus on practicing.



At our main office in Nishihara-mura in Japan we have a recording studio available for rent. You can either rent the studio a full day (from 10:00 – 22:00*) or by the hour (60 minutes).
A sound engineer is standard included in the price for studio rental at HUITS.
We also offer very competitive package deals, so please contact us for a personal quote.

* Other times might be available upon request, so please do state your preference when you make the reservation.


  • Recording*
  • Editing*
  • Mixing*
  • Mastering**
  • Full production***
  • Voice-over****
  • Audio dubbing
  • Foley
  • Sound design
  • Karaoke or orchestration/backing tracks
  • Song writing, composing and lyrics writing service (provided by writers of already acclaimed and successful hit song writers)

* We work with the finest SAE educated sound engineers for professional results

** Although we do offer an in-house mastering service, we also work closely together with dedicated mastering engineers. So, we could also outsource this for you in case you wish to do the mastering at a different studio.

*** Hit producer Edwin Huits has worked as a professional audio engineer and music producer since 2003 with a large number of professional, world famous artists and for the world’s largest record labels (such as Universal Music). His track records include the production of multiple Top 10 hits and even multiple number 1 hits. So, no matter what your style or musical genre is, Edwin Huits will be at your service to turn your next potential hit song into a real hit song!

**** If you are looking for someone to record a professional voice-over or just the right tone for your next project, we offer the full service of the recordings including voice talents in a wide variety of languages. So, please contact us to see whether we can also offer the language that you need.



So, now you want your songs on iTunes, but you don’t know how?
We can do this for you!
We can also arrange for your album to be professionally printed and offer the artwork as well.

But that’s not all. We can even do your licensing and offer you a distribution deal!



With global connections in the music industry, we can also provide management / agency services or act as your booking agency.



Now that you have your bookings and your live shows taken care of, it’s time to start thinking about posters to promote your gig and T-shirts and what not to sell during your show.
We can do all of that for you too. From the graphic design for these products to the execution of your merchandise… just leave it up to us!
We can even promote your shows, sell tickets for your show, design and create your website and take care of the sales during the show.



You will have to have a professional promotion kit with nice photographs and/or even video material, all put into a nice presentation if you want to succeed in the music industry.
So, whether you are just looking for a photographer, someone to take care of your music videos or want to have us make your entire promotion kit, we can help you with this!



Thinking bigger?

Translate your website, YouTube tags, Facebook posts, tweets and other stuff into the language of the country you desire to take over next.



So, you have received a contract offer from an A&R Manager of some record label, but you are not sure what the industry standards are and whether you should sign this contract or negotiate further? We can help you with this!